B2B Copywriter’s On-page SEO Checklist


B2B SEO copywriter's seven-step checklist

Checklist helps B2B SEO copywriters boost organic search results.

As a B2B copywriter, one of the biggest challenges of writing web content is writing effective engaging content while optimizing it for search.  For me, it’s easier to write the content with the reader in mind first and then optimize the content for search engines.  I use the following B2B copywriter’s seven-step checklist and tweak the content until it’s optimized for the reader and for search engines. 

If this seems a little cumbersome, don’t worry.  As you become more proficient at writing website content, you’ll automatically think “keywords and phrases” and integrated them more seamlessly. 

B2B Copywriter’s On-page SEO Checklist

  1. Optimize the page for 3-5 keywords (on a 300- to 500-word web page)
  2. Are the keywords in your page title and description?
  3. Are the key keywords located up and to the left on the page?
  4. Are the keywords located in a headline or subhead?
  5. Are some of the keywords in a hyperlink?
  6. Are some of the keywords in a bulleted list?
  7. Do your images have keyword-rich captions and alt img tags?

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