B2B Integrated Marcom Role in Social Media Optimization


B2B integrated marcom managers connect social objects to have greate impact on marcom results.
B2B integrated marcom managers who connect social objects will drive more search and business results.

Here’s my  B2B integrated marcom take on a recent Hubspot webinar,  “Social Media Optimization Is The New SEO,” featuring Brian Solis, author of Engage.

From my B2B copywriter and marcom perspective, social media optimization, which falls under the larger SEO umbrella, is enabling social objects to connect online.  Social objects are content introduced online such as blog posts and comments, Twitter tweets, videos, etc., that can become catalysts for conversation.  These objects are all dangling out there in cyberspace.  Individually they lack impact; but collectively, they are more impactful to marketing efforts. 

What connects social objects?

Keywords and phrases… the same keywords and phrases your company uses to drive search traffic.  However, when it comes to social search, keywords serve as connectors that bring your dynamic online content together to boost search ranking and help those who are searching on your keywords find you.  It’s important to note that thanks to social media, search is taking on a broader role than delivering traditional search engine results, which take you to a website or other static content.  Now, with real-time search and social search (still nascent), your keywords and phrases have much greater power to connect you to the conversations that are happening right now—conversations in which you should participate or risk missing business opportunities.

How does a B2B marcom manager enable social objects to connect?

Think about how your content is distributed.  You have a website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page and tweets all related to your company and its products and services. Your prospects and customers use search to find you.  However, if only your website is optimized for search, your customers and prospects are missing a significant portion of the content you deliver—it’s just dangling out there unable to drive potential business to you.  You absolutely must apply the same SEO good practices to EVERY piece of content you produce from the 140-character tweet to the 200-word comment on Facebook  to the video or Flickr image you upload.  How? 

If you’re an integrated marcom manager, now is the time to develop content optimization guidelines that include titles, descriptions, categories and tags all of which can be referred to as meta data.  Every piece of content that you place on the web should include the keywords for which the piece you’re posting or uploading is optimized.  For example, a hashtag on your twitter tweet represents meta data.

B2B example of connecting social objects

Here’s a completely fictitious example.  Let’s say you’re marketing enterprise software for discrete automotive manufacturing.  You produced a white paper and a video of your CEO speaking at a conference on discrete automotive manufacturing.  In addition, you’ll be tweeting and posting on the company blog.  You want to capture the share of conversation around the term “discrete automotive manufacturing software.”  Here’s how your integrated marcom mix should be connected:

White paper titleDiscrete Automotive Manufacturing Software Saves Jobs and the Bottom Line

Video titleDiscrete Automotive Manufacturing Software Presented by John Doe of ABC Company

Video Description:  Discrete automotive manufacturing software has potential to save jobs and the bottom line.   Presented at the National Automotive Manufacturers Association, John Doe, CEO of ABC Company explained how discrete automotive manufacturing software is helping automotive manufacturers increase cost cuts and reduce job cuts.

Tags:  discrete automotive manufacturing software, discrete manufacturing software

Tweet:  John Doe explains dos & don’ts of #discrete _automotive_ mfg._ software

Blog post:  similar title, tags and description as video

I’m not one for predictions, but I believe that social media optimization (SMO) is going to create opportunity for B2B integrated marcom managers.  Those who have the foresight to capitalize on social media optimized content development and guidelines will become a valuable asset… otherwise, they’ll have to hire me.  😉

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