B2B Social Media Goes Beyond Marcom in Small to Mid-size Companies



Small to mid-size B2B companies leverage knowledge leadership in a B2B social media programSome small to mid-size B2B companies are soliciting the help of others in the organization to contribute to a social media program. In reality, it’s the thought leadership and technical expertise within these companies that adds value far more than marketing messages (social or conventional advertising).

Accepting B2B social media as a fundamental way of doing business

These B2B companies have accepted social media as a fundamental way of doing business—it’s an ongoing program and not just a campaign. Although they don’t have the resources to abandon conventional marketing, they are diverting some financial resources from conventional marketing to social media. (Cutting back on trade shows, reducing ad spend, etc.) Additionally, they’re involving new players instead of relying solely on the marketing department. After all, social media is really not just a marketing activity. These are the folks that have the knowledge and experience that the market is looking for. This is where the human connection is made… at the point where the company connects with its customers in a meaningful way.

Social media is an enabling platform that influences sales

Most importantly, some B2B companies are starting smart and small in social media by developing a focused and well thought out plan with which to experiment. Then, based on the metrics and results, scale the program. This approach has helped them sell the idea to upper management in lieu of strong immediate ROI data, although there are plenty of good B2B social media success stories now.

One of the things I ask clients is, “Do you know the ROI of a brochure?” “What’s the ROI of your telephone system?” These are part of a system of enablers that when combined lead to business. Social media is another enabling platform, that when integrated with other marketing activities, has the influence to drive sales.

Social media is all about trust and building relationships in the social world. Just as in the offline/conventional media world, trust often translates into business. Trust takes time, so some companies are carefully selecting the market segment they think will be most conducive to social media and pursuing it with a plan, monitoring/measuring and reporting.

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3 Responses to “B2B Social Media Goes Beyond Marcom in Small to Mid-size Companies”
  1. Great blog! a lot of companies have embraced Sm techniques to attain a wider reach. Yes it is very much about building relationships, however, it’s important to do this in away so that you are receiving the engagement factor. As a social media enthusiast – One should be clever when planning a SM campaign… I would start of with Monitoring: Find out who, where, why and what people are saying about the brand. .You might be interested in some successful social media case studies over on the main B2B Website or similarly this will direct you straight to them http://www.b2bm.biz/knowledgebank/social-media/

    • Joan Damico says:

      Thanks… you’re right about monitoring first and foremost. Many B2B marketers overlook this step in the interest of time and jeopardize their social media success by not understanding the communities in which they participate.


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