Keywords + B2B Integrated Marcom = Lead Juice


Keywords are the glue that ties your B2B integrated marcom program together. It’s also good “lead gen juice.” Whether you’re running a branding campaign or a product- or market-specific program, leveraging your keywords in the content you develop can have a greater positive impact on search results and helps you provide content that your target audience is looking for. As a result, you generate more qualified leads. The first step is to know your keywords and monitor them.

Google alerts offer an easy and free way to monitor your keywords and phrases. If you already have a paid monitoring service such as Alterian or Radian 6 you can use that too. What you’re trying to discern is what’s being discussed relative to your keywords and phrases. Having this “insider information” about your keywords and phrases helps you better develop content to address the needs of your audience across all the media in your mix.

So for example, let’s say you’re monitoring for your product category, “widgets” and your brand, “Acme Widgets.” Your keyword monitoring tells you that your target is looking to apply widgets to improve production speeds and reduce production errors. If keyword phrases, “improve production speeds” and “reduce production errors” aren’t already on your list of keywords, then include them, and make sure the content you develop includes them as well.

Now, take a look at your B2B marcom mix and see if your keywords are integrated throughout the mix. While you may not have the resources to go back and change a product brochure or existing print content, you can always adapt your online content to include the right keywords. You can create an online campaign including email, PPC ads, landing page, and white paper offer all focused on a group of keywords or phrases. Remember to also include a blog post or two that includes these keywords, Tweet with your keywords and monitor the social sphere for any opportunities to comment on blogs or other communities using these campaign-specific keywords.

Integrated marketing communications based on keywords and phrases can help you drive more qualified leads into the pipeline—especially as more B2B companies place greater emphasis on online marketing.

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2 Responses to “Keywords + B2B Integrated Marcom = Lead Juice”
  1. Katie says:

    Great points about including keywords in new collateral and campaigns. If org's (especially large ones) are hesitant to move away from approved messaging to include these new keywords, blog posts and emails can help track and prove effectiveness of the updated messaging. Thanks for including the Radian6 mention!

    Katie Morse
    Community Manager

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Thanks, Katie. You're right about tracking keywords to prove effectiveness. Plus, tracking helps indicate when it's time to make a change to keywords and phrases.

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