New B2B Marcom Tool: Conversation Calendar


A B2B social media strategy should include a conversation calendar. Your conversation calendar lists the media and frequency of all your social media activity. The conversation calendar acts as a dashboard of your owned and earned media and the number of posts anticipated per month.

The conversation calendar is especially helpful if you’re a B2B marcom manager who’s enlisting the help of other colleagues in the social media program. It makes it easier to assign social media to various colleagues and lets your colleagues know how much time to budget for their social media activity.

Your conversation calendar also gives you an idea of the volume of content required to support your social media program. It’s a lot more than you think! But before you become overwhelmed, read Ardath Albee’s advice on b2b content development. Ardath explains how to leverage your existing B2B content to keep up with the demands of a social media program.

Aside from its use as a planning tool, your conversation calendar can also be used with your social media monitoring program. Compare your activity on the conversation calendar to the number of mentions in the social sphere to get an idea of the impact of your social media program. You may find that you need to adjust the frequency of activity or completely drop under-performing activity from your program.

A simple spreadsheet is all you need to create your B2B conversation calendar.

Do you have another way to manage your social media conversations? Tell us here…

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  1. […] Whether you’re a B2B marcom manager who’s taking on social media as a grass roots effort (you and one or two colleagues) or you’ve enlisted a team, content creation can be daunting, even meeting the bare minimum frequency.  A blog alone takes a minimum of 12 posts per month, and it’s recommended that you have at least two months’ worth of blogs already in the queue to ease the pressure of developing content on demand.   Like many B2B marcom managers who are beginning a social media program, you and your already burdened staff are responsible for creating most of the content in addition to your day jobs.  Before you read any further, make sure you have a content marketing plan and a conversation calendar. […]

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