At a very high level, SEO is comprised of linking, on page/meta data content and other website mechanics (e.g. redirects, trusted URL, etc.). This post speaks to the page content element that B2B copywriters need to know. Start by examining your keywords… Many B2B companies underestimate the importance of this exercise. From a marketing standpoint, […]

What’s the ROI of a brochure? Too granular, right? Doesn’t the same hold true for social media in B2B marketing? It’s the aggregate affect of the B2B marcom mix on sales and not the component level affect. Socialnomics author, Erik Qualman puts it into perspective in his 4-minute video. What do you think?

For B2B’s greenest marketers, green marketing is not simply another initiative. Green has been integrated into the way they do business… it’s part of their corporate culture. Newsweek’s innaugural Green Ranking lists America’s largest 500 companies and ranks them based on their environmental sustainability efforts. Many of the B2B companies on the list have extensive […]