New Reputation Management Challenge for B2B Marketers


Google Sidewiki may impact B2B marcom and your company's reputation management

Well, it could also be an opportunity, but Google SideWiki is creating a stir among B2B marcom managers. Basically, Sidewiki allows anyone who’s downloaded the Google toolbar and Sidewiki application to add comments to any page on your website. The comments show up along the left margin.

So what does Sidewiki mean to B2B marketing communications?

Now you have yet another place to look when you’re monitoring your online reputation. For now there’s no free comment-monitoring app, however if someone out there knows of one, please share.

It’s believed that paid social media monitoring services such as Radian6 and Alterian will incorporate Sidewiki comments. For the time being, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and check your website (a cumbersome process for large B2B websites). Although by the time Sidewiki catches on, there will likely be numerous apps to track comments. (They’re probably in the making as you read this.)

In the meantime, you should claim your website’s Google Sidewiki. If you don’t see the “write as the page owner” check box, you may need to verify your website. It’s just a way to let Google know that you’re the site owner.

Here’s more info from AdAge on what Sidewiki means for B2B marketers.
Also read the Google Sidewiki blog.

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3 Responses to “New Reputation Management Challenge for B2B Marketers”
  1. Lauren Vargas says:

    We definitely have SideWiki on our radar to possibly incorporate in a future release. It will be interesting to see how Sidewiki will play out in this space…

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Thanks for weighing in, Lauren. You're right, Sidewiki is definitely something to watch. I'll follow your tweets for updates.

  3. Joan Damico says:

    Now there's a way for B2B marketers to monitors Sidewiki entries via RSS courtesy of SEOmofo via Barry Schwarz at Search Engine Land.

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