Common B2B Marketing Offer Kills Response…


As a B2B copywriter, when a client tells me the offer is “call now,” I cringe. “Call now” is a great offer if your product or service is more of an impulse buy or a low consideration item–think infomercial. Using “call now” to set up an appointment or talk to a rep can be a turn off, especially if your prospect is in the early stages of the buying cycle–awareness and consideration. You’ll kill your response rate with “call now.” A prospect just isn’t ready to make that leap in the early phases of the buying cycle.

Start out with offers based on the phase in the selling cycle. Awarness phase may only require a brochure or website link. But don’t just offer a “free brochure.” Make it compelling (e.g., Click here to learn how XYZ can increase your plant efficiency in six months or less.) Then, as your prospect moves closer to consideration, perhaps a more substantial offer such as a white paper or webinar. And finally, as the prospect moves closer to buying, then a more substantial report, cost calculator app or widget, membership to a social community, etc. will help your prospect choose your product or service.

And remember, value is in the eyes of the beholder, so check with your sales team to see what your prospects value at each phase and plan your marketing communications to address buyer needs.

Tell us what B2B marketing offers work best in your business.

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2 Responses to “Common B2B Marketing Offer Kills Response…”
  1. Rick Scherle says:

    Good point!

    I will sometimes get asked the question "How does this campaign get me more sales?". The short answer is, "It doesn't."

    A B2C marketing program has only one objective; get the customer to buy. But a B2B program has a number of intermediate objectives which eventually lead to a sale. For example: 1)come to the website, 2)watch the video, 3)download the white paper, 4)attend the webinar, 5)fill out the customer qualification form, 6)take a sales call, etc. (The exact steps and the number of them depends on your particular business.)

    Your job in a B2B campaign is NOT to make a sale. Your job is to move the prospect from, say, step 3 to step 4. If your marketing program is setup correctly, the sales will take care of themselves.

    I write on topics like this at

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Thanks, Rick. You're right about the question, "How will this get me more sales?" If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it, right? That's why it's called a considered purchase, and good B2B marketers have offers that are relevant for each phase of the buying cycle.

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