B2B Marcom Managers: Quick Start Social Media Strategy


OK so you’ve setup your social media listening posts and developed your social media policy. Before you participate you need to develop your social media strategy. Here are several resources offering guidance on what your social media strategy should consider.

The most important question you need to answer is why social media? How will it help you accomplish your Marcom objectives?

Remember, social media is part of a larger integrated marketing communications strategy, social media alone probably isn’t going to achieve your objectives, but integrated with other elements such as events, PR, direct selling, etc. can be more potent.

Also you’ll need a content strategy to complement your social media strategy since much of social media relies on content. Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 offers great resources on content strategy. Having a content strategy makes it much easier to execute your social media strategy. You’ll need lots of content for starters such as 40 or 50 blog posts, several white papers, articles, webinars, landing page content, etc. (Shameless plug: My B2B copywriting services can help you get started on your content.)

Finally, keep in mind that social media isn’t an event. It’s a process of building online relationships with clients and prospects. You can’t force relationships online anymore than you can offline. Trust and respect are earned overtime.

Here’s an excellent 10-point checklist from ClickZ and a short version checklist from from Social Net Daily

What happens next? Roll it out with some advice from Social Media Today.

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