B2B Buying Cycle and Social Media… Is there a connection?


I don’t really have an answer to the question. But I have a hunch that social media is more effective in the consideration and retention phases in addition to being highly influential in the awareness phase.

A 2007 Enquiro study showed that for all B2B buying cycle phases, the top four online channels used by B2B buyers are:

  1. search engines
  2. mfg website
  3. distributor websites
  4. online word of mouth (social media)

Since the study in 2007, I’ve seen social media used effectively in B2B marketing for consideration and retention/evangelization phases. And consider what @jowyang pointed out about a Nielson study on social media and how people get their information .

What’s your take?

*Awareness, consideration, negotiation, purchase, retention/evangelization

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2 Responses to “B2B Buying Cycle and Social Media… Is there a connection?”
  1. michael says:

    It is ultimately up to each company to determine where to focus social media based on its goals, intended audience and messaging. But as a general rule, I agree that blogs, video, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are more effective in the early stages due to the influence on search and the tendency to use these particular tools for awareness building and thought leadership.

    On the back end, communities can act as an extension of a vendor's user group to help retain and engage customers. A community can be especially advantageous for customer service, vendor research, and as a forum for exchange of product information, how-to's, common problems, and ideas for the future. It can also serve as a place where customer and vendor senior executives stay connected and participate via invitation-only virtual events.

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Good points, Michael. I agree that social media adds a lot of value on the back end, particularly for customer service as well as marketing.

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