OK so you’ve setup your social media listening posts and developed your social media policy. Before you participate you need to develop your social media strategy. Here are several resources offering guidance on what your social media strategy should consider. The most important question you need to answer is why social media? How will it […]

If you’re in a heavily regulated industry like chemicals or pharma, then at least you’ll get a chuckle out of this video. A sales rep is petitioning legal to allow the rep to listen to social media conversations taking place in his clinical area. Find more videos like this on thinkdifferenthealth

Hash tags (the “#” symbol) are found on Twitter. They’re used to aggregate tweets on a particular topic. For example if you wanted to see tweets about search engine optimization, you would conduct a Twitter search on #SEO to see all the latest tweets about SEO. Likewise, if you tweet about a given topic and […]

As a B2B copywriter, when a client tells me the offer is “call now,” I cringe. “Call now” is a great offer if your product or service is more of an impulse buy or a low consideration item–think infomercial. Using “call now” to set up an appointment or talk to a rep can be a […]

I don’t really have an answer to the question. But I have a hunch that social media is more effective in the consideration and retention phases in addition to being highly influential in the awareness phase. A 2007 Enquiro study showed that for all B2B buying cycle phases, the top four online channels used by […]

Well, it could also be an opportunity, but Google SideWiki is creating a stir among B2B marcom managers. Basically, Sidewiki allows anyone who’s downloaded the Google toolbar and Sidewiki application to add comments to any page on your website. The comments show up along the left margin. So what does Sidewiki mean to B2B marketing […]