SEO Copywriting and Keyword Density


As a B2B copywriter and marcom consultant, keyword density is less important than good content that reads well. Density is something I do at the very end of writing content, as a precaution to make sure I haven’t gone beyond the 3-5% density.

My experience has been that when you focus on writing good content first, your keyword density naturally falls within the acceptable range. I use a twofold process when writing for websites and SEO. I first write the message and make sure that it reads well and resonates with the audience. Then, I look at where the keywords are located instead of density. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Are most of the keywords toward the top of the page?
  • Are keywords located in H1-H3 header tags?
  • Are keywords in the “alt img” text?
  • Have I used keywords in anchor text?
  • Have I placed keywords in bulleted lists?

Focusing on these techniques, more than keyword density, offers greater opportunity to boost natural search.

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