If Your B2B Marcom Plan Doesn’t Include SEO, You Could Be Driving Leads to Your Compeititors


If you’re generating leads and you don’t have an SEO program, or at least a website that’s optimized for search, when a prospect searches for products and services, he or she will likely find your competitors (assuming your competitors are using SEO techniques).

I mentioned this in another Integrated Marcom Minute blog post on online video. Many B2B marketers don’t think their B2B clients & prospects are searching online. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Back as early as 2004, a StatMarket report indicated that 64% of B2B users turned to search first when researching new products.

Here’s a common B2B marketing example. Let’s say you offer a white paper on your latest technology. You position yourself as a leader in the field. The prospect downloads the white paper then later conducts a search to see other companies in the same space, and you’re nowhere to be found. The fact that you don’t show up contradicts what you say in the white paper–that you’re a leader in the field.

And given the lengthy and complex B2B sales cycle, search becomes even more important as the prospect moves closer to buying. Prospects may download the white paper in the awareness and consideration phases, and then months or weeks laters, as they move closer to purchase, conduct a few more searches. Is your company showing up in the results?

Searches tend to become more specific (longtail) the closer the prospect is to buying. The bottomline for B2B marketers is this… SEO is an integral part of B2B online marketing. Without it, you could be generating leads for your competitors.

Marketing Profs’ Roxanne Lott wrote a good article on the impact of search on the B2B sales cycle “The Power of Search within a Complex Sales Cycle.”

At the very least, your website should be optimized for search.

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