How B2B Marcom Departments Can Add Social Media Skills…


If you’re like most B2B marketing communications departments, you probably don’t have in-house social media experts. And you probably don’t have a budget for hiring FTEs who are adept at social media. Your options are to leverage your agency, if they have a social media group and to build the skills in house using your own marcom team or leverage social media enthusiasts from other departments who can evangelize the brand.

Your job, as the marcom manager, is to understand and clearly state your marcom objectives first and foremost, and then allow the social media folks to present how social media can be integrated effectively into your marcom mix. B2B marketing communications is moving past the experimental phase and into a planned program approach to integrating social media. The following provides helpful advice and insights into how marcom departmentss need to transform to capitalize on social media and help their companies remain competitive.

John Bell, who heads up Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence team, offers good advice from a recent blog post 3 Trends in Integrating Social Media

Bell explains that marcom departments need to undergo a transformation to “think, plan and execute digitally.” In Integrating Social Media into the Marcom Team, Bell tells us why a marketing communications transformation needs to occur and how it will benefit future marketing programs.

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