Should Twitter Be in Your B2B Marcom Mix?


My customers aren’t on Twitter, or My customers don’t really spend much time on the internet. I hear this from B2B marketers all too often. And I’m not sure on what they’re basing these statements. I think that a number of B2B marketers would be surprised at just how many people in the B2B space are participating in social media such as Twitter.

My gut reaction is that when B2B marketers approach social marketing as a push medium, then of course, it’s not appropriate. Banner ads and emails do a fine job at pushing content. But where many B2B marketers miss the the point is in the value of having the conversation or continuing a conversation that may have started with an email, sales visit or other marketing communication. This is where social media adds value–particularly in B2B marketing where selling cycles can be lengthy.

Social media enables B2B marketers to listen to, participate in and further engage their prospects throughout the selling cycle. Social media is an effective tool for pulling prospects into the conversation or directing them to other content that’s available from your website or elsewhere to help keep them engaged.

When you find yourself thinking, My customers or prospects just aren’t “internet people.” Then think again. The following article has some surprising demographics about who’s twittering. It may not be who you think.

If you’re thinking about adding Twitter to your marketing communications mix, here’s a good article, Five Considerations Before Companies Dive Into Twitterville Thanks to @TomPick for the Tweet.

Here are a few more links to articles on the influence of social media in B2B marketing:

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