It’s still sketchy for a lot of B2B marketers, but social media marketing has earned a permanent spot in the marketing communications mix. Here’s how other B2B marketers are approaching B2B and integrating it into their marcom mix. Remember… social media is a tool not a strategy. You still need to understand your objective and […]

Perhaps it’s a B2B marcom thing, but all too often B2B online content fails to be relevant to the market. What’s worse is some online marketers “dress up” the content with images that further emphasize irrelevant content. A good example of this is content that focuses on a feature rather than a benefit. For example […]

The more I read about online video, the more convinced I am that it should be part of the B2B marcom mix as part of an integrated B2B marcom campaign. Aside from cost, the key objection that I hear to online video in the B2B space is that “my audience isn’t really online savvy.” You […]

My customers aren’t on Twitter, or My customers don’t really spend much time on the internet. I hear this from B2B marketers all too often. And I’m not sure on what they’re basing these statements. I think that a number of B2B marketers would be surprised at just how many people in the B2B space […]