Should B2B copywriters write meta data?


I had this discussion with an online marketing manager at a major consulting firm and she and I both agree that copywriters–with training in copywritng for SEO, of course–should write the meta title and description. They are in the best position to convey the relevance of the page to search engines. (Assuming that they’ve also written the page content.)

Good SEO copywriters know that copywriting for search is more than just incorporating relevant keywords and phrases in all the right places. Good SEO copy follows direct response marketing tenets of creating awareness, interest and a call to action. Doing that while incorporating keywords gives you killer content.

BTW… If you’re a copywriter or marcom manager who writes a lot of web content or even offline pieces, brush up on SEO, and learn how what you write can really influence whether or not your prospects and customers can find you. Here are some quick SEO copywriting tips from one of my previous blog posts. Or just type “SEO” into the search field of my Integrated Marcom Minute blog and get more tips on SEO for B2B copywriters. Good luck!

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