Despite spending a collective $51 million/day on PPC, Fortune 500 Still ‘Largely Invisible’ In Natural Search says a Search Engine Land article by Matt McGee I had this conversationw with a B2B marketing colleague of mine and we both agreed that organic search is still an important part of an integrated marcom plan. It should […]

Not surprising, social media skills and the ability to identify key influencers in the social media sphere were noted as important according to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council annual survey. The good news is that more tha 60% of companies surveyed plan to invest in training their own staffs. See the survey results here. […]

It’s true, Search marketing is effective at generating leads and acquiring new customers, however it’s also effective when it comes to customer retention. It makes sense. B2B marketers have such a long selling cycle, that it would be a shame to spend time and money to get customers, only to lose them because they can’t […]

Here is one of the most effective case studies for integrated marketing communications–the 2008 presidential election. What’s really interesting is that it didn’t start with a grandiose message and slick creative. Instead, the focus was on a simple message and integrating the message within the fragmented communities making up the country. Enjoy the AdAge article, […]

I had this discussion with an online marketing manager at a major consulting firm and she and I both agree that copywriters–with training in copywritng for SEO, of course–should write the meta title and description. They are in the best position to convey the relevance of the page to search engines. (Assuming that they’ve also […]

B2B marketers can be especially inclined to making these common keyword selection mistakes. Aa B2B copywriter and former B2B marcom manager, I’ve seen technology and industrial companies make these mistakes time and again. You’ve probably seen them too–using internal technical words that folks just aren’t searching for or being a technical purist and using the […]

B2B integrated marcom programs should also include a social status monitor. By that I mean monitoring your online reputation. Do you know what others are saying about you online? Whether your PR agency is monitoring this as part of their retainer or you plan to monitor your online reputation in-house, a popular place to start […]