One Tactic Every B2B Marketer Should Use…


Integrated marketing communications is ripe with tools from basic printed materials to social networking. But the one tool that B2B marketers are integrating into their marcom mix is video. Why? It’s enagaging. It lets you convey messages in 3D, which means you can have greater impact than you could from just a single print or online message even with a tightly integrated campaign.

Including video in an integrated marcom campaign has tremendous synergy.

  • It’s effective in boosting brand awareness and recall. A MillwardBrown study indicated that TV and DVR viewing resulted in 54% brand awareness compared to 82% for online viewing.
  • It’s an effective way to boost web traffic. With iTunes, YouTube, and other video sites. your video can be seen by even more potential clients. And search engines are now indexing videos, which gives online video even stronger impact.
  • It can actually save you money. Production costs have come down over the past few years, so the price of a single video can allow you to leverage that spend and even reduce spending in other areas. e.g. One client was able to reduce space at a trade show and instead rent a large monitor to display a product. It also reduced shipping and set up costs.

Here are two examples of integrated B2B marketing campaigns that included video along with written case studies. Emerson includes radio, TV, print and other online media.

Large scope integrated marcom campaign:
Emerson It’s never been done before campaign.
See the video on YouTube

Smaller scope campaign included internet and event marketing
Datamars client testimonial
See the video on YouTube

Here’s a good article from AdAge on the Do’s and Don’ts of Online Video Advertising.

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