Integrated Marcom Mix: How Social Media Fits In…


In an older blog post–pre mainstream social media–I dicussed the B2B integrated marcom campaign and how the marcom mix shifts based on the buying cycle phase. Now that more B2B marketers are adding social media to the marcom mix, the question I’m often asked is, “Where does social media belong in the B2B marcom mix?”

The answer lies in the sales funnel. Gven the lengthier B2B selling cycles, social media works well in the consideration phase. It’s also effective in the retention and loyalty phases. In fact, that’s what social media is all about. People are looking for validation of what you, the marketer are saying. Who is using your product? What do they think about your product? Does it do what you say it will do? If your customers are satisfied, they’re happy to evangelize. But you need to provide them a means by which to do create the feedback cycle.

That’s where social media can help.

  • Provide a wiki forum or blog for feedback.
  • Add a Facebook or MySpace page.
  • Provide social links on your case studies and white papers to social bookmarking and tagging sites.

    See more info on social media’s effectiveness in the consideration phase of the buying cycle.

    Also see good Search Engine Land article on B2B SEO and customer retention by Shellie Foriska.

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