Why should B2B Marketers Integrate Social Media?


OK… you’re probably sick of hearing about social media. So have you integrated it into your 2009 marketing communications program?

A recent Forrester report indicated that more than 90% of B2B buyers are using some form of social media. (Thanks to my friends at HubSpot for posting this snippet.) Josh Bernoff goes on to say that B2B buyers ARE reading blogs, watching online video and participating in social media.

The question is… are you engaging them? Tell us how you’ve integrated social media into your marketing communications program.

Here’s more food for thought–B2B & Social Marketing: Discovering Its Hidden Value, from Michelle Stern

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3 Responses to “Why should B2B Marketers Integrate Social Media?”
  1. Michael Kelberer says:

    Hi Joan,
    The same study also said that B2B buyers do NOT use social media in the buying process. Interesting disconnect. Josh attributes it to their “not being used to it.” A B2B Magazine article said that B2B marketers don’t yet know how to use social media in the B2B realm, so there just isn’t much out there for B2B buyers to utilize in the first place.
    My own opinion is that in B2B content is queen and quickly becoming king – social media tends toward the quick and the timely, and B2B buyers are looking for depth and enduring information.

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Good point, Michael. Question is, will social media become part of the buying cycle? i.e. Will B2B buyers use the aggregate quick & timely inputs to stay engaged throughout the buying cycle? It remains to be seen.

  3. Michael Kelberer says:

    The other big disconnect for me was between the statement that B2B buyers were not using social media in their buying decisions, but that their principal source of information was “word of mouth.”
    And what is social media if not word of mouth??

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