Integrating B2B Email and Social Media


Email has been under fire ever since the advent of SPAM and CANSPAM legistation. However, it’s still a good tool when used part of an integrated social media marketing campaign.

Of course you should include your social links in your email signature, but you can also use email to notify your subscribers that you now have new social links. Use email as a signpost to your other media.

Integrated Marcom Minute McKinsey EmailConsulting firm, McKinsey, recently conducted an email campaign to its McKinsey Quarterly subscribers letting them know about their social media program. The subject line read: “More ways to stay connected to The McKinsey Quarterly. The mailer briefly explained it’s new community on Facebook and inviting subscribers to follow them on Twitter.

B2B marketers sometimes have a knee-jerk reaction to using email to promote products or generate leads. But email is a great way to increase engagement among subscribers by sharing more way for them to connect with you. More importantly, these added connections may just be the ones your subscribers use most. And connecting with prospects and customers where they interact on the internet is a far better way to cultivate a relationship that can lead to new or more business.

Tell us how you integrate email with social media.

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