Should your opt in list get better results?


Having an opt-in list is no guarantee of performance. So before you read further, here’s a quick direct marketing refresher The list accounts for 60% of campaign success followed by 20% creative and 20% offer. And remember the direct response online marketing credo , “Recency… frequency… and relevancy.”

That said, I recently conducted a client campaign that should have exploded with conversions because the list had opt-in members who had registered for the client’s service. However after testing several versions of copy/creative and offers, instead of an explosion of coversions, we only had a few sparks (1% conversion rate).

Here’s where the direct response online marketing credo fits in…
Despite the fact that the list was 100% opt-in and the message was relevant, there was no recency or frequency of contact by the client. Once customers signed up, they received little or no contact. There’s an awareness issue to overcome before we can expect to market to the list.

Fortunately, we stopped after the tests pointed to the list, and now we’re taking a different approach–building brand awarenss. The list really does have a strong (60%) influence on the success of your direct marketing campaign and having an opt in list doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

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