Integrated marketing communications can be more effective with a “keyword bank or glossary” (That’s your company’s inventory of keywords and phrases.) Some B2B marketers only think of keywords in the context of a website. When you think beyond your website, you can leverage your keywords and phrases to boost search ranking from all of your […]

Here are a few ideas that can easily be integrated into your holiday newsletter or other eMarketing promotion: Offer a complimentary article or white paper. In fact, here’s my gift to you — a complimentary copy of Four Ways B2B Marketers Are Using Twitter. Get your copy here . Everyone enjoys interesting animated greeting cards. […]

Having an opt-in list is no guarantee of performance. So before you read further, here’s a quick direct marketing refresher The list accounts for 60% of campaign success followed by 20% creative and 20% offer. And remember the direct response online marketing credo , “Recency… frequency… and relevancy.” That said, I recently conducted a client […]