What’s in a name–a domain name that is…


Trust… that’s what’s in a domain name. Also known as “trusted URL,” your domain name over time builds trust with search engines. So why risk trust–unless you plan on pouring a lot of marketing dollars into developing another domain?

Here’s what I mean. Your integrated marketing communications manager embarks on a new campaign for a product launch… we’ll call it big-idea. So you buy “big-idea.com” and drive as much traffic as possible. The challenge is that “big-idea.com” doesn’t have a lot of recognition by search engines. It takes months to build it, so your product launch will take longer to gain traction. Plus your email messages may be affected if the new domain hasn’t been added to white lists.

Alternative… create a microsite from your main website i.e. “companywebsite.com/big-idea.” Search engines already know you as “companywebsite.com” and since that site is already indexed and white listed, your new product launch will get greater visibility right from the start.

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