Is this the dumbest copywriting tip you’ve ever read?…


Maybe not… but as a copywriter or marcom professional you’ll probably read this and say… duuuuuh!

Yet every day, good copywriters and marcom professionals overlook the obvious–
including your company website and/or email address in offline marketing communications. Even worse, they make it difficult for customers and prospects to contact them by burrying the email link or placing the contact us link in an illogical or illegible area of the document or website.

Its kind of like having a glaring typo in your headline. No one intends to do this, it just happens. We sometimes overlook the obvious.

So remember to double-check that offline marketing communications include your website url and an email address.

There’s one exception… if the offline piece is tied to a promotion, which has its own website or landing page, then use the microsite or landing page url to avoid hurting click through and conversion rates.

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