I asked this question of the LinkedIn Community. More specifically, I wanted to know how other B2B marketers are using Twitter to generate leads and sales. Here’s what they said http://tinyurl.com/twitter-marketing. How are you using or planning to use LinkedIn in your marketing communications mix? Tell us here.

Any good integrated marketing communications program should include monitoring of online conversations about your brand. Now you can track Twitter conversations (“Tweets”) about your brand. Using www.tweetscan.com, you can set up Twitter alerts and receive them via email or RSS.

Trust… that’s what’s in a domain name. Also known as “trusted URL,” your domain name over time builds trust with search engines. So why risk trust–unless you plan on pouring a lot of marketing dollars into developing another domain? Here’s what I mean. Your integrated marketing communications manager embarks on a new campaign for a […]

Maybe not… but as a copywriter or marcom professional you’ll probably read this and say… duuuuuh! Yet every day, good copywriters and marcom professionals overlook the obvious–including your company website and/or email address in offline marketing communications. Even worse, they make it difficult for customers and prospects to contact them by burrying the email link […]

It’s neatly organized by website component from selecting a domain name and writing product pages, to website design and navigation. You’ll also get tips for commerce sites. “The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period” was compiled and written by Stoney deGeytor. I’ve seen a lot of checklists, but this one just may be the best […]