B2B Lead Generation on a Shoestring Budget…


It never seems like there’s enough marcom budget to accomplish your objectives. But when your marcom budget is really contstrained, syndicating your content through vertical search sites can be an effective way to meet your objectives… even on a shoestring budget. Here’s how it works.

You pay a fee, which can range from a monthly fee, cost per download, or 6 months to one year contract for space on the vertical site. By posting your content on sites such as GlobalSpec, KnowledgeStorm VerticalMarkets and others, you’ll drive highly targeted traffic to your website. In most cases the traffic is not only highly targeted, but also highly intent on buying, giving you a higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead.

The secret to generating high quality leads on vertical search sites is, of course, relevant content. If you’re like most B2B marketers, you probably have lots of good white papers, cases studies and information rich content that’s of value to those searching for your products and services. Vertical sites offer another venue for leveraging your valuable content to drive more leads and sales. (If you don’t have lots of white papers and case studies, then let’s talk. I can help you write effective white papers.)

So for B2B marketers who don’t have the media budget for ad space in numerous trade publications common in the B2B technology and industrial markets, vertical sites offer the biggest bang for the buck. In many cases, for the cost of one or two full-page, 4-color print ads, you can reach an online audience that’s every bit as targeted as a trade pub, but since it’s online, has far greater reach, more longevity and is more likely to turn up in search results.

Check with trade publications and media partners too. Some have vertical site or are affiliated with vertical sites such as United Business Media.

As always, do the math. Most of these sites provide metrics on leads generated, conversions, etc. Use the metrics and determine your ROI.

That’s integrated marcom…

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2 Responses to “B2B Lead Generation on a Shoestring Budget…”
  1. Jeff says:

    A more cost effective way to reach the B2B audience is with vertical sites like ours, http://www.Supplyframe.com, that do not require payment to upload and distribute content. We do this because we are a vendor-neutral site and earn our revenue with pay for performance advertising techniques.

  2. Amy says:

    One of the best B2B lead generation firms that I had the pleasure of working with is Blue Zebra http://www.bluezebraappointmentsetting.com . I own a small business of financial services. In January 2007, I started experiencing downhill losses. I was very upset and to my dismay, any help that I could get came at quite a high price. My business isn’t a high profile enterprise, so I couldn’t afford expensive lead generating firms. Then, my friend suggested Blue Zebra appointment services. At first, I wasn’t on board the idea, because of the high fees of such firms. However, later I got to know, that their services were very well in my budget. To be honest, I was surprised to know this fact. So, I hired them, and their work started. Slowly and steadily, my sales started climbing the graph and so did the profits. I have been their client ever since. I strongly suggest that you check out their website.

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