Online Video Boosts White Paper Conversions by 76%!


Accela Communications’ client, Biomni saw a 76% increase in a white paper download using video versus the typical downloadable pdf file. It’s no surprise that video is more engaging. What’s important about engagment is that engaged visitors tend toward becoming buyers.

I spoke with Accela rep Kevin Flatley who told me that Accela now offers a video white paper service. “It’s a great way to generate leads for clients who don’t have the time or resources to hire a production crew and film the video, themselves” said Flatley. He says all you have to do is send them your white paper and Accela will do the rest.

For about $11K, your white paper will be professionally produced–including script, acting talent and video production–into a 5-7 minute executive summary. It’s a completely turnkey solution. Accela can also create engaging video banner ads from your white paper.

Check out online video white papers here.
That’s integrated marcom!

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