How to Choose Search Terms that Convert


B2B high tech and industrial buyers are using longer, more specific keyword search strings to find just what they need–especially if they’re further along in the buying cycle. When your copywriters use these same or similar search strings, you’ll have a greater chance of engaging more qualified buyers. Easier said than done.

What often happens when B2B technology and industrial marketers get together in the “let’s meet to discuss our keywords” meeting is this. Branding usually comes up and statements like “we should get our name in the keywords” and “this is a good opportunity to build the brand” rear their ugly heads.

While any opportunity can be a branding opportunity, is search the best place to do it? If you have a strong brand then why would someone Google it when they could just go to your website. And if you don’t have a strong brand, then chances are, no one is searching for it. So why not integrate keywords that convey the problems, solutions, and benefits your prospects are likely to search on.

If you’re a copywriter or marcom manager, talk to your product maketing managers, sales mangers and field sales people to understand what prospects are looking for. If you need a guide, download my Integrated Marcom Planner (page 4) for a good framework for selecting keyword search terms that convert.

That’s integrated marcom!

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