Link this… the truth about linking strategies


If you think your site needs to link to everyone and their mothers, think again. I attended a workshop at the recent OMMA Conference and one of the panelists (I think it was Craig Hordlow of Red Brick Media) said to work on your internal links first. Here’s why…

First, some background. In an attempt to prove to Google that their sites are “relevant,” many online marketers have been scrambling to build as many external links as possible. The philosophy being that external links are more desirable because they lend more credibility to relevance.

While that may still be the case, it takes a lot of time to contact potential link partners and ask for reciprocal links. In the meantime, any good linking strategy should include links within your own site. A good linking strategy includes internal links as well as external links. Plus, you can implement an internal linking strategy right now.

When I think of the integrated marketing campaigns that I’ve written for B2B clients, most of them involved a white paper or case study. After the marketing campaign runs its course, the white papers get uploaded to a generic “resources” or “white paper” link.

Why not, in addition to the generic link, include a within the context of another page. It not only makes that page more engaging, but can also boost search ranking.

That’s integrated marcom!

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