If you think your site needs to link to everyone and their mothers, think again. I attended a workshop at the recent OMMA Conference and one of the panelists (I think it was Craig Hordlow of Red Brick Media) said to work on your internal links first. Here’s why… First, some background. In an attempt […]

One of the toughest things about optimizing copywriting for search engines is working in the keywords as frequently as possible and still making sense of the copy… not to mention making the copy compelling and engaging. Well, here’s a copywriter’s holy grail of keywords–a glossary. It’s a terrific place for keyword content. And if you’re […]

Integrated marcom is more than integrating your online content and marketing campaigns with your offline versions. In fact, for some B2B technology marketers, 80% of their marcom is strictly online. And integrated marketing communications works exceptionally well here too–especially when it comes to search. SEO and the 1-2-3 punch: Here’s an example that B2B marketer […]

If there’s anything worse than reading brochure copy or website copy that’s all fluff about the company and not about what customers want, it’s reading a bunch of features that don’t mean anything to the readers. That’s why I recommend the “so what” or “BFD” (I think you can figure that one out…) test. It […]