How many times does your website copy say "I?"


Count the number of times the words “I” “our” “we” appear on your web pages.
If these words are used too frequently, you could have a “self-centered” website–one that may not speak to the needs of your prospects and customers. Worse yet, copy that fails to answer the visitors’ question–“What’s in it for me?”–will kill engagement.

Good website copywriters focus on the needs of the customers.

Far too many B2B websites tell you what they think you ought to know.
For example,

“We know copywriting and we can help your website attract and retain more visitors. Our proven copywriting method has helped numerous B2B companies build web traffic.”

It’s all about me and not the least bit engaging. Instead, the copy should talk about you and what you’re looking for. Like this…

“An easy, low cost way to create a more engaging website is with your copy. Your current website copy may actually be turning away potential business. Learn how you can…”

See the difference?

Have a better alternative? Post it here.

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