3 Web 2.0 Technologies that Every B2B Marketer Should Consider…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Web 2.0. For some B2B marketers, Web 2.0 immediately conjures up thoughts of flashy videos, consumer-oriented sites that offer games and communities like MySpace- anything to hawk another can of soda or the promise of thin thighs in 2-weeks!

Thanks to a recent survey, Web 2.0 tools have as much or more to offer B2B marketers-especially B2B marketers involved with complex and lengthy selling cycles. B2B Web 2.0 pioneers, Robert Lesser of LeadGenTools .com and Paul Dunay of Buzz Marketing for Technology Blog surveyed a group of B2B marketers and here’s what they found…

The top three Web 2.0 tools used by B2B marketers:

  1. Blogs–a great way to create a dialog with your prospects and customers
  2. RSS–lets you add your website or blog content to a newsreader, which does the work of visiting the sites and checking for updates so you only have to go to one place to get your updates. And since you’re using a news reader, nothing is crammed into your email in-box.
  3. Podcasts–an excellent way to add more personality to your marketing communications including white paper abstracts, presentations, interviews with subject matter experts and more. The beauty is that listeners can tune in via their computers or download to an MP3 player and listen later.

How can you integrate these popular Web 2.0 technologies into your marcom mix?

The next step is to learn what specific applications B2B marketers are using to integrate web 2.0 tools into their marcom mix. You can learn about the specific applications plus other up-and-coming Web 2.0 tools. Click here to learn more.

And while you’re there, take the 5-minute survey and get your free copy of the latest results.

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