Stretch Your Marketing Dollars, Maximize Results, Break Through Clutter…


Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? The reality is that integrated marketing can help. But here’s the secret…

You have to integrate your marketing messages at a much deeper level–starting with your agencies and creative partners.

That’s what Xerox did in their recent “frugal color” campaign. Barbara Basney, Xerox global advertising director, says integrating the creative teams right from the start was key in bringing results, some of which included click through rates much higher than your typical B2B campaigns.

Not surprising, Xerox integrated online video in the online marketing portion of the campaign. And, of course, the online video was entertaining enough to give the campaign a viral element.

Check out the online campaign here.

Integrated marcom works. And it works even better with you integrate your marketing partners right from the start of a campaign.

Want to learn more about the Xerox campaign? Click here to see exerpts from Barbara’s presentation at a recent BtoB Magazine Netmarketing Breakfast.

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2 Responses to “Stretch Your Marketing Dollars, Maximize Results, Break Through Clutter…”
  1. Dani Nordin says:

    I just got a gorgeous mailer from that campaign. It was really well done.

  2. Joan Damico says:

    Very well done. If possible, can you scan and share it, Dani?

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