Not Generating Enough Good Leads? Integrate Online Video…


I’m not sure if its novelty or effectiveness, but two recent studies have confirmed that online video is getting action.

A recent Online Publishers Association (OPA) study indicated that 80% of respondents had seen video ads and 52% of that group took action.

  • 15% went to a store to learn more
  • 1% actually purchased

A similar study from the Kelsey Group had similar results with around 55% of online viewers taking some action.

  • 43% visited a website
  • 18% visited a store
  • 15% actually purchased

The study didn’t mention if the respondents were B2B or B2C marketers, but one thing is clear–online video is cutting through the clutter.

What online video content works best?
The OPA study says news and humor.

Read the entire Just an Online Minute blog post including comments.

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2 Responses to “Not Generating Enough Good Leads? Integrate Online Video…”
  1. Dani Nordin says:

    oh, I know it’s effective, but I JUST HATE sites with online video! Unless I’m actually there to see a video, I don’t want it there. I dealt with this yesterday while I was doing some research at my local burrito/coffee joint – I went to a perfectly reasonable site, and all of a sudden it’s talking to me. In public. In the middle of my local burrito/coffee joint.

    I understand the need to cut through the clutter. I do. But please, as a fellow marketer – can we have SOME RESPITE from the endless advertising/marketing messages that we see every day?

  2. Joan Damico says:

    So true, Dani. Online has the potential of becoming overused and overbearing. I guess the old adage is still true… less is more.

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