Integrate Content into Video Ads and Boost Conversion…


Dave Morgan, Media Post’s Online Spin blogger, summed up video advertising best when he said, “Certainly video is a mainstay for the entertainment industry. Research has proven that the more folks engage with excerpts of movies or music, the more likely they are to buy it later. Thus, the content itself becomes advertising. In fact, it becomes advertising that people want, not just advertising that they are willing to tolerate.”
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Not all online video ads have to be annoying and intrusive…

Although Dave was referring to B2C, I think Dave’s idea of “content as advertising” has merit for B2B integrated marketing communications. Perhaps we’ve lost site of the goal of online advertising… to engage, inform and ultimately convert. The entertaining YouTube-type spots with their heavy viral influence have had such a powerful influence on video advertising that we may have forgotten that online video, with relevant content, can be just as powerful to the right audience.

Think about it… a brief product demo, an easy how to spot, or a thought leadership interview could be potential online video ads that your prospects and clients would want to see.

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