Are B2B Marcom Managers at Risk of Extinction?…


I’m hearing more titles like Integrated Marketing or Marcom Managers or Web Marketing Managers. So what does this mean for the traditional B2B marcom manager?

Let’s face it… no one’s brand standards or brand identity elements are more front and center that that of the integrated marketing manager or web marketing manager. However, brand identity enforcement aside, an increasing amount of marcom dollars is shifting into the online bucket, so shouldn’t the human resources follow?… or at least the online competency?

If you’re a B2B marcom manager, don’t worry… at least not yet.

Does your marketing department separate online from offline marketing? If so, you may want to consider a job change or a learn-while-you-earn career shift to the online marketing world. Here’s why…

More marketing departments lead with their online properties including websites and microsites, from which offline communications develop. Sorry… gone are the days of making thousands of slick, glossy brochures and then adapting them for the website.

There are key competencies that you must have to make the shift. Do you or does someone in your marketing organization have them? Take a look at the following list and find out.

Joan’s Top 5 List of Survival Skills for
B2B Marketing Communications (Marcom) Managers:

  1. Do you understand search marketing, whether you’re attempting to do it yourself or hire a search marketing firm? [if you still think search marketing is all about meta data, then you may need to retool your skills]
  2. Do you understand how keywords relate to search marketing and PPC advertising. The answer may surprise you. See a previous post on copywriting for SEO vs. PPC.
  3. Are you looking at metrics or just “putting all out there and hoping something sticks?” You really need to know what metrics to look for and the limitations of metrics. Click-thrus don’t indicate the success or failure of an email marketing campaign, but they could indicate the effectiveness of your offer.
  4. Are you still using the “batch and blast” method of email marketing ’cause it’s cheap? Email marketing can be very powerful when used for the right purpose.
  5. Are you engaging your customers and prospects with web 2.o tools? If you’ve just asked yourself, “what’s web 2.o?” then you should probably visit wikipedia for starters (while you’re there check out web 3.0). And then be afraid… be very afraid!

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