PPC Copywriting vs. SEO Copywriting… they’re inverse


I’m writing web content, making sure that my client’s copy includes their keywords in all the header tags, meta decriptions, links, bulleted lists, etc. I asked if they were planning any pay-per-click PPC programs, which they were. And then it occurred to me, their keywords were broad terms, that could get them a lot of web traffic, but could end up costing them dearly in PPC. Why?

Broader search terms drive more traffic to your website–great for brand awareness, but bad for your PPC budget. Here’s why…

Let’s say you sell apples, not the computer, but the fruit. And you only sell Macintosh apples (again, the fruit and not the computer) So you include the keywords “apple” and “Macintosh” and probably “fruit” in your metadata and make sure all your copy includes these keywords.

But only a portion of the traffic is what you would consider a qualified lead for your products or services. In other words, searching for Macintosh apples may drive computer shoppers to your website and vice versa. No harm done… it didn’t really cost you anything.

Now consider pay-per-click (PPC). If you’re using the same general terms as in your keyword list, then you’re going to pay for clicks that will never yield any business. Plus, some of the more generic terms are very expensive and highly competitive–the only way to get a page-one position is to bid more.

Consider PPC words and phrases that are more specific to your product or service. The goal is to get more conversions. And that doesn’t necessarily mean going with the most expensive terms. Instead of apple or Macintosh apple, try “Macintosh apples for baking” or “best apples for pies.”

Food for thought…
Having more general keywords for driving natural searches to your website is a good thing, but when you’re paying for clicks, more specific terms that will convert are better.

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