Web 2.0 Analytics — What should you be measuring?


At a recent workshop on web analytics in a web 2.0 environment, several speakers noted that it’s not enough to measure clicks and page views. With the interactivity of web 2.0 such as social media, user generated content (UGC) we should be measuring “engagement” (there’s that word again). Your web analytics solution should enable engagement metrics in addition to the usual opens, clicks and conversions.

What are engagement metrics…

  • analyze click stream data (defined as what happens after the initial click-thru i.e. I click the link and then… fill out the form, partially fill out the form, abandon the form, etc.)
  • sessions/visit
  • repeat visits
  • downloads, uploads

The above items aren’t really new. It’s just that we were caught up measuring the more concerete opens, clicks and conversions. Here are the web 2.0 and RIA-type (Rich Internet Application) metrics

  • review any comments/posts, joins, votes, subscribers
  • event stream analysis — newer web analytics providers should track things like zooming, rotating, adding contents, made possible by including event tags in the programming applications like Flash, Java, etc.

Collectively all of these elements help you continuously improve the effectiveness of your integrated online marketing campaigns

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