Successful B2B Podcasting Do’s and Don’ts


It looks like B2B podcasts have become mainstream for many companies. So thanks to the early corporate podcast adopters we now have a good list of do’s and don’ts for successful B2B podcasts. If you have a do or don’t to share feel free to add it to this post… thanks!


  • Integrate podcasting into a promotional campaign
  • Make it professional (use high quality digital audio)
  • Use a conversational style preferably more than one voice to make it more engaging—interview style works well
  • Let visitors know approximately how long the podcast is
  • Provide a transcript or complementary white paper
  • Include a call to action


  • Rely on the “podcast and they will come” model—you need to promote your podcasts—promote in your newsletter or with banner ads on your own site or paid banners, consider a pay-per-click program, upload to all the podcast sites such as Google, Yahoo, iTunes, podcast 411.
  • Sell–podcasts should educate and inform your audience (post-roll ads are o.k., but pre-roll ads will doom your podcast!)
  • Use copyrighted music without permission
  • Forget to include an audio logo—the intro and outro music that identifies with your podcasts.

This one falls into the “gray area” so your thoughts are welcome here.
What do you think about using professional voice talent in corporate podcasts.? Some say it’s too sanitized and less appealing. Others believe that a professional voice is definitely the way to go, especially for B2B corporate podcasts. Your thoughts?…

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