Lead Generation: Is Email Still a Viable Part of the Marcom Mix?


Definitely… a recent DMA study indicated that email had the second highest response rate for lead generation at 2.45%… better and cheaper than direct mail.

And a recent MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007” indicates that more than 35% of B2B marketers surveyed said email’s impact is increasing significantly.

A couple of things to remember…

  • Batch and blast days are long over. Well-targeted, relevant email messages deliver results.
  • Avoid list overexposure. I wish I had more definitive info on this one. But for now let’s just say that sending too many emails to your opt-in list will make you opt-out list grow–that’s bad.

    General rules of thumb: weekly is o.k. if the content is fresh and relevant. Monthly is ideal, but depending on your message and audience, it may not be frequent enough.

    And frequency can also depend on the objective of the mailer and the stage in the buying cycle of the recipients. If you’re objective is to move prospects further along in the sales cycle, then make sure your list is segmented appropriately. A prospect on the verge of making a decision may need more frequent contact than one in the information-gathering phase. Anyone out there have advice on list exposure?

  • Finally, remember that email isn’t the be all, end all. With integrated marcom the mail should be a part of a bigger picture.

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