It’s one of the hottest emerging tactics for 2007… are you integrating it?


It’s online video and an eMarketer survey indicates that 37% of US online marketers have budgeted for online video ads this year (read the full article). So why should you integrate it into your marcom mix?

Here comes the “e” word again–“engagement.” Nothing is more engaging than online video. Think about it… YouTube is one of the hottest properties on the internet. Now I’m not suggesting that you run out and film exploding soda bottles set to music. But here’s an example of how one marketer is using a combination online video (pseudovideo) and user generated content (UGC) to nurture engagement and build brand affinity.

According to a February 5 New York Times article (may require a free sign-on to read), 1-800-Flowers is launching their “Video Valentine” service–a free service where users upload photos, create their own message, select images and music all mashed up by the site to provide just enough motion to simulate online video. Check out the service

So where’s the B2B integrated marcom connection to online video?

Integrating online video into your marcom mix enables prospects or customers to interact with your brand like never before. I’m reminded of a client who sells a hardware/software system that takes a complex technological breakthrough and makes it as easy to use as dialing a telephone… really! The challenge is getting a jaded target audience to embrace that it’s easy to use.

So why not use online video to simulate the user experience–seeing is believing! You can’t sell ease of use by describing it… you have to experience it. And that’s where the power of online video can help.

Most technology products are technological feats because of the amazing things they can do for the end user. If you can simulate the experience using online video, then it makes sense to integrate online video into your mix sooner rather than later.

And remember your feedback loop. Don’t just slap an online video onto your site. Give viewers an opportunity to contact you or tell you a little more about themselves to view your video.

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One Response to “It’s one of the hottest emerging tactics for 2007… are you integrating it?”
  1. Ty says:

    Imagine if everyone was engaging everyone. Video just wont be just UGC anymore, it will be something else, that has value, and purpose. This is going to be fun, soon, everyone is going to get blipd!

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