Are integrated marketers putting the medium before the message?


I’ve recently seen several marketers discuss the “let’s get back to the message” point of view. And I couldn’t agree with them more. It’s a great time to be an integrated marketer with all the neat ways to get the message out—podcasts, online video, microsites, plus conventional media—it’s easy to get caught up in the medium and lose sight of the message.

At a recent New York BMA breakfast on the outlook for 2007, Dierdre Bigley, vp — advertising and digital media for IBM, said IBM is focusing on telling a really good story. She emphasized that it’s not about focusing on the company and the great technology it develops. Instead, she says it’s about focusing on clients and the great things they’ve accomplished using the technology.

Don’t get me wrong, Dierdre is still looking at the medium. It’s just that the focus is primarily on the message and then optimizing the message for each medium. She mentioned an interesting story about how the NYPD used IBM information technology to create a real time crime center to solve crimes faster. She created a two-minute version of the story, which will air during a television show that IBM is sponsoring. The two-minute version will be edited down to suit each medium IBM plans to use.

Another “tell a good story” advocate, Michael Davis, senior vp – director of emerging media, DraftFCB, Chicago, says a good story is the best way to get audiences to pull your content, regardless of medium. The medium can enhance the story by making it more inviting and targeted. Read the full article in BtoB Magazine.

So forget about the medium for a minute and focus on the message. Then take a look at your message and your target audience. Now you’re ready to integrate your message across the available media.

More on integrated marcom message development later…

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