In a recent eMarketer article, a study indicates that nearly half of online video viewers were likely to watch news clips or music videos. The study was conducted by InsightExpress for It included 500 adults ages 18 and older. So does that mean that B2B marketers would do well to set their marketing messages […]

If you’re embarking on online video and are thinking about including pre-roll ads, you might want to think again. Pre-roll ads are the the 15-30 second ad spots that appear before the online video starts rolling–like a TV commercial before a show begins. According to Steve Weitzner, CEO of CMP Technology, a B2B media company, […]

I’ve recently seen several marketers discuss the “let’s get back to the message” point of view. And I couldn’t agree with them more. It’s a great time to be an integrated marketer with all the neat ways to get the message out—podcasts, online video, microsites, plus conventional media—it’s easy to get caught up in the […]

It’s online video and an eMarketer survey indicates that 37% of US online marketers have budgeted for online video ads this year (read the full article). So why should you integrate it into your marcom mix? Here comes the “e” word again–“engagement.” Nothing is more engaging than online video. Think about it… YouTube is one […]

Definitely… a recent DMA study indicated that email had the second highest response rate for lead generation at 2.45%… better and cheaper than direct mail. And a recent MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007” indicates that more than 35% of B2B marketers surveyed said email’s impact is increasing significantly. A couple of things to remember… […]

You know all those nice images on your website? You can use them to help boost rankings. But you have to include an “alt image” tag in the html code. What’s an “alt image” tag? It’s html code that looks something like this:img src=”images/company_about.gif” alt=”Joan Damico B2B copywriter & marcom consultant“ The copywriting enclosed in […]