It’s Growing Faster Than Paid Search… Are you integrating it?


Get this… video advertising is growing faster than paid search! (according to eMarketer) It’s one of the hottest properties on the internet — spending is expected to practically double in 2007.

And it all goes back to “engagement.”
We talked about engagement in an earlier post — it’s the depth of connection people make with your brand.

Video advertising is engaging, but only when you include interactivity.

Here are three tips for integrating video ads into your marcom mix:

  1. It’s o.k. to repurpose TV spots, but not without a lot of editing.
    Keep online ads to a maximum of 30 seconds — less if your video ad precedes a lengthier video clip. By lengthy, I mean 1.5 – 2 minutes.
  2. Add hot spots or other links within your video ad to make it even more engaging
  3. Give your viewers control including volume, pause, and play

If you have wish list of things you’d like to experiment with in 2007, then video ads should be on it. And while you’re at it, consider a cost-to-play ad program too — it’s new from Google. Get the latest buzz on cost-to-play from my Buzz Marketing colleague.

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