Blunders: Integrated marketing moves from 2006 that I wouldn’t repeat in 2007…


We’ve all been there. Something looked really great on paper, but didn’t produce in real life.

This post is for anyone out there who’s had the courage to try something new. And despite it not working, you still managed to learn something from it. Why not share it, and help the rest of us learn too. I’ll even go first.

What was I thinking…
In an email campaign, I “thought” that readers wouldn’t mind one teensie little scroll as long as the message resonated with them. Well, I’ll never know for sure, but I think I could have squeezed a few more conversions by putting the first call to action above the fold. I know what your probably thinking now… “Why didn’t you test it first?” Which brings me to my second transgression. If you think you don’t have time to test, then don’t run the campaign or run it and take your lumps anyway.

Moral of the story:
Test… test… test! And always place at least one call to action above the fold — even if it resides in a sidebar or image link. If you’re not sure where the fold will fall, work it into the beginning of the email.

And as for “thought“… It’s like my mother always said, “Thought pooped his pants!”

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One Response to “Blunders: Integrated marketing moves from 2006 that I wouldn’t repeat in 2007…”
  1. Steve Stern says:

    Interesting mea culpa as well as incisive marketing insights. I found your venue instructive and informative.

    Steve Stern
    A Stern Glance

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