Last Minute Landing Pages that Pay…


We’re all guilty of this one:

Your boss says, “We’ve got to generate more leads quickly – the sales meeting is next week. What can you do to help? Oh… and by the way, we don’t have any additional budget.”

So you spring into action with a low-cost email marketing campaign using your house list, but you don’t have the time to mobilize your already overcommitted web team to create a landing page. And you also don’t have the budget to use a more substantial call to action. So instead, your call to action is “click here for more information” – weak, but it’ll have to do.

At least avoid a common mistake that many marketers make. Don’t send your visitors to a generic upper level web page such as “Services” or even worse, a home page. Not only is it bad email marketing manners, it’s a real let down for your visitors who are expecting the message from the email to be continued with more details in the link. You’ll kill your response rate and even worse, frustrate your visitors. It also sends a bad brand message.

See for yourself. Try the following test and tell me what you think.

Destination #1
Pretend you’ve just received my email touting a method that will help your staff writers develop completely integrated campaigns in 25-30% less time. There’s no fancy call to action… just a hyperlink, “Click here to learn more.” Go ahead, click the link and see where you land.

Destination #2
Same scenario as above except the destination link is different. Click this link and see where you land.

Tell me which destination you preferred?

Click here for Destination #1

Click here for Destination #2

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