Could MySpace “Corporate” Be Far Off?


Social marketing is definitely fashionable for B2C marketers. They’re cleverly integrating it into their marketing mix to build their brands and get more business. So what’s that have to do with B2B marketing?

Well, you don’t necessarily have to slap up a MySpace profile to integrate social marketing in your B2B programs. When you think about it, social marketing has been around for a long time in the B2B space. Trade shows, conferences and other events are forms of social marketing and networking. However, web 2.0 is making online social marketing easily accessible to the masses.

By creating communities around specific business challenges and enabling a dialog between you, your customers and prospects, you’ll establish a social marketing network. It’s a great way to leverage your companies intellectual assets.

IBM thinks so too. In fact, according to a recent CNET article, IBM’s Lotus Division is including a social networking funtion into its collaboration suite.

Wow… that could be great for knowledge transfer. It could also become the”virtual water cooler.”

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