“Sticky” websites are back!


Remember the term sticky. Sticky was a good thing… the longer visitors stayed on your website the better — better for branding, better for gaining more conversions and a better gauge of a visitor’s interest in your products and services.

Now sticky means integrating your content to make it more efficient and logical for visitors to find what they’re looking for. A sticky website, by today’s standards, is sticky because it’s integrated. Today’s sticky websites have all the Web 2.0 interactive and collaborative features that make a website more engaging, which translates to sticky.

  • Relevant content
  • Content that’s easy and logical to find
  • “Smart” content that’s delivered based on the visitor’s input
  • Content that’s available in the media that visitors prefer including downloadable white papers, podcasts with transcripts, videocasts, blogs, etc.

Remember… sticky is not about the length of time each visitor stays, but it’s about their ability to get what their looking for easily and efficiently, usually in less time.

My e-marketing colleague, Paul Dunay (Buzz Marketing for Technology Blog), says,

“If it’s integrated, it’s good; but if it’s sticky and
integrated, it’s even better.”

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